Association and Government Partners

Ministry of RDevelopemnt

The Ministry of Regional Development of the Czech Republic

The Ministry of Regional Development of the Czech Republic belongs to the system of central government authorities of the Czech Republic in the fields delimited by relevant legal documents. It plays an important role within the State administration through the extent of its powers, competences and liabilities for the management of financial means.


Some association

The Slovak Association of Hotels and Restaurants

Slovak Association of Hotels and Restaurants (ZHR SR) is the leading association of hospitality experts and the voice of hotel and restaurant industry in Slovakia. We ensure the aims of our members become reality by developing relations with national and regional civil services, entering legislative proceedings, providing educational seminars as well as presenting their services at various events. As a full member of HOTREC, we do have the opportunity to influence the situation and legislation in the European context and to benefit from other member’s experiences. ZHR SR is one of the founding members of Zväz cestovného ruchu SR (The Slovak Tourism Association).

Link to our website is:

Russian Association

The Federation of Restaurateurs and Hoteliers of Russia(FRIO)

The Federation of Restaurateurs and Hoteliers of Russia (FRIO) join together more than 5000 enterprises in the food and hospitality services industry in Russia of all levels and directions: fine dining and fast-food restaurants, clubs and entertainment centers, city hotels and out-of-town hotel facilities. Hospitality enterprises, members of FRIO, are located in all parts of the Russian Federation from Vladivostok to Kaliningrad and from Murmansk to Krasnodar.
The job focus of FRIO is its members’ professional activity assistance, coordination of partnership relations between companies and organizations working in the hospitality industry



The Chamber of Commerce of the Polish Hotel Industry

The IGHP represents hospitality sector in contacts with state administration on local, regional, national and EU levels. The activities of the Chamber include, among others, promotional actions for its members, organization of integration meetings, advisory and expert activities. The Chamber also conducts Product Certification and Supplier Recommendations Program for the HoReCa market as well as facilitates communication between suppliers and hoteliers. Since 2015, IGHP has been a member of HOTREC.

Name:  Chamber of Commerce of the Polish Hotel Industry

Address:  Mickiewicza 9 m. 4

Postcode:  01-517

City: Warsaw

Country: Poland

Tel.: +48 22 251 79 11  +48 503 044 875




Bulgarian Association of Professional Chefs (BAPG)

The Bulgarian Association of Professional Chefs (BAPG) is not a trade union or similar form of organization and maintains neutrality in all employee-managerial relationships. The association aims to bring together supporters and colleagues on a friendly and professional basis. BAPG’s next goal is to raise the relationship between cooks and cooks at a higher level by improving the prestige and status of practicing Bulgarian chefs and providing valuable help in dealing with partners, organizations, clients and colleagues in Bulgaria and abroad.

The Bulgarian Association of Professional Chefs has a warm relationship with many companies and organizations that produce and trade in products, foods and equipment, part of which support and sponsor our initiatives.

One of the main reasons why we accept most people as members is their professionalism as chefs and their dedication to cooking art. However, a member can only become a candidate who meets BAPG standards and accepts our atmosphere of friendship and family spirit. It is of paramount importance for each of us, through our network of colleagues across the country, to give each other moral support, share creativity and inspiration, entertain and offer informal but professional help to one another.

BAPG is currently a member of the World Association of Cooking Societies (WACS) and has subordinated its goals and work to meet the World Association’s High Criteria and Values.

Headquartered in Sofia, BAPG currently has offices in the cities of Plovdiv, Varna, Stara Zagora, Targovishte, Veliko Tarnovo, Burgas, Dobrich, Haskovo, Smolyan, Bansko. We encourage all professional chefs to consider joining the organization, which has the main purpose of raising the prestige of our profession, which is rightly worthwhile.



Lithuanian Hotel and Restaurant Association

Lithuanian Hotel and Restaurant Association already counts its  24 years of activity in Lithuanian tourism sector.

These are our most reflecting activities: Protecting the rights and lawful interests of association members  in governmental and management institutions, to create the most favourable conditions for its members for the provision of their services in Lithuania and abroad.  We  unite and coordinate the activity of the association members and their mutual cooperation, to ensure urgent information exchange and the provision of every methodological help (seminars, training, internship, programmes of consultants, employees’ data basis).

LHRA represents its members in the Lithuanian Tourist Board, Lithuanian Council for Copyright and Related Rights, it is also a member of the Commission for Tourism Services and a member of the Hotel Classification Commission. Being large and powerful, the Lithuanian Hotel and Restaurant Association is at the same time attractive to the country producers, restaurants, hotels and companies providing services as it grants exceptional discounts for the association members. LHRA is a member of HOTREC, Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists, Lithuanian Chamber of Tourism.


Latvian association




– is an association representing the professional interests of national institutions and other organizations;
– participates in staff training, including training systems and programming, it being;
– collects and analyzes statistical information about the hotels, guest houses, motels and restaurant customers;
– represents the hotel and restaurant business of Latvia in the world (regular participation in international tourism exhibitions – fairs);
– develops proposals for legislation and the perfection of standards and their approximation to national and EU standards.

The AHRL currently has 300 members, among them – hotels, guest houses, motels, restaurants, as well as “independent” restaurants, educational institutions, which are preparing tourism and hospitality industry professionals and the services companies.

The AHRL has concluded a cooperation agreement with the Latvian Tourism Agents Association ALTA. Since 1995 the AHRL is member of the International Hotel and Restaurant Association. Since October of 2006 the AHRL is member of HOTREC.


Turkey association

The Hotel Association of Turkey TÜROB

The Hotel Association of Turkey TÜROB is the dynamic, embracing and prominent NGO in Turkey’s tourism sector, which has been a member of qualified hotels and Tourism companies since the first day it was foundedin 1971.

Purposes of TUROB:

  • To make scientific and practical studies on the subjects, problems and solutions related to tourism and to contribute to these studies,
  • Providing appropriate development of tourism and tourism facilities to meet the needs and changing trends,
  • To coordinate with the offices, institutions, establishments and persons related with tourism and its members,
  • To represent its members within and outside the sector,
  • To monitor national and international developments and work on necessary measures, planning and projects.
RAI 300x200

The Restaurants Association of Ireland

The Restaurants Association of Ireland was formed in 1970 with the initial goal of forming a strong lobby that would represent the industry at Government level on issues of importance to the Irish restaurant industry.

Nine branches were formed around the country, all of which still exist today. The Association’s efforts in 1986 to get VAT reduced from 25% to 10% and again in 2013 to maintain the VAT at 9% was the result of the expert lobbying of a group of dedicated restaurateurs on behalf of themselves and their colleagues.

Such successes have been repeated over the years, particularly in the areas of taxation, licensing, standards, curriculum development both at Irish Government level and also at European level.

The RAI now represents in excess of 2,500 members, with establishments representing full service restaurants, coffees shops, hotel restaurants, gastropubs, golf clubs and cookery schools. We also have over 100 trade partners, businesses that are our approved suppliers of products and services for restaurants.

The RAI also organise and promote the annual Irish Restaurant Awards, Ireland’s premier restaurant event.


Exclusive Intelligence Partner


Euromonitor International – Exclusive Intelligence Partner

Euromonitor International is the world leader in strategy research for consumer markets. As an independent company, it offers unmatched detail and unbiased content for every region, country, category and channel. From socio-economic context to intimate detail on the smallest products or markets, Euromonitor International provides market research focused on your organisation’s needs.

Euromonitor International is headquartered in London, with regional offices in Chicago, Singapore, Shanghai, Vilnius, Santiago, Dubai, Cape Town, Tokyo, Sydney, Bangalore and São Paulo. The company has a network of 1200 analysts worldwide. Its extensive network of strategic analysts in 100 countries provides the depth of global, national and local business information required in today’s increasingly international business environment.

Contact details:

Euromonitor International

Jogailos St. 4, Vilnius LT-01116, Lithuania

Tel: +370 5 243 1577


Media Partners



We have been the leading B2B publication and online magazine specializing in the MICE industry in Central and Eastern Europe since 2007. The magazine, together with a website platform, brings information, case studies, news, info about new venues, locations and destinations; information and statistics about the international MICE (meetings) industry, and interesting and new MICE destinations. The language of our magazines and online platform is English and our readership is 32.000 MICE professionals worldwide. We are a valued Media Partner of the most important MICE expositions, including IMEX in America, IMEX in Frankfurt, IBTM in Barcelona, Eventex, MICE Forum in Moscow, ITB events in China and Singapore, IT & CMA in Bangkok, ACE of MICE in Turkey, ATF in Asian countries, ACTE events, MCE CEE and more.




HorecaVizier is a source of information for the entrepreneurs in the Netherlands for the restaurant, bar and hotel business, with every month a complete offer of businesses for sale in the Dutch hospitality business.  Also new products, interview with famous Dutch and a hotel review is published in the HorecaVizier.

HorecaVizier is currently the best-read paper in this business in the Netherlands with each month a circulation of 20.000 ex. (full color) and is supported by our websites &

These sites have over 26.000 unique visitors each month and 350000 page views.


Transvania business

Transilvania Business magazine

Monthly economic magazine. National distribution. Partners and solutions from Transylvania.

Monthly magazine Transilvania Business is the sole premium publication mainly focused on economic activities in Ardeal and Banat – Romania, but also integrates articles about main national investments and projects and also international trends.

Exclusive details and updates about projects & investments in Cluj Napoca, Timisoara, Brasov, Sibiu, Oradea, Arad, Mures, Bistrita, Constanta and Bucharest.

5 years on the market | Exclusive regional content | Distribution at selected B2B events | Special projects – Aviation Day | English section | Suppliments: Agriculture & Health | Publisher of 2015 Yearbook: Office, Logistic and Industrial Parks in Romania.



Beverage and Gastro

Beverage & Gastronomy is a bimonthly magazine focused on drinks and gastronomy. It has been published since 2001. Beverage & Gastronomy moves on a boundary line between a specialized and lifestyle magazine. Its readers include specialists from the gastronomy sphere on one side (being barmen, sommeliers, owners and operators of gastronomic facilities, pedagogues and students from specialized schools and others) and non-specialist readers who are interested in drink and gastronomy on the other side. The magazine contains topics about beer, wine, coffee, tea, chocolate, food, lifestyle, travelling, …

Magazin has a print and on-line verson.


POdark restaurant

“Poradnik Restauratora”

is a magazine dedicated to decision makers in HoReCa trade – restaurants’ owners, managers and chefs and a leader also in its category according to Millward Brown’s research (June 2017). The magazine is distributed directly to its readers by personal addressing mailing and has the biggest, controlled by ZKDP, circulation in HoReCa trade – 10 100 copies. “Poradnik Restauratora” cooperates with the best chefs in Poland and takes part in the most important events for HoReCa.



Štamgast & Gurmán

Štamgast&Gurmán is an inspiring Food and Gastronomy Magazine, available also in an on-line version writing about good food and drinks. The magazine includes surveys, interviews and thematical articles. The printed journal is published bi-mounthly with a circulation of 20,000 copies. The magazine is distributed to restaurants, cafes and hotels in Region of Zlin, Brno, Olomouc and Ostrava. Stamgast & Gurman informs its readers about recent trends and innovations in the regional cuisine and Hospitality.



Refrigeration industry in Russia

For the companies of consumers (food industry, retail, restaurants and etc.):
– news, articles about refrigeration equipment,
– search of suppliers of refrigerating appliances and components by type of equipment or concrete brand of the equipment,
– search of the companies in installation, repair and service of refrigerating equipment;
– offers on rent of refrigerating warehouses and responsible storage of perishable goods of a food;
– examples of the realized projects in the field of commercial and industrial cold in various industries. For participants of the refrigerating market (producers, contractors and etc):
– presentation, advertising of the services among the companies of consumers of artificial cold;
– demonstration of the executed projects in the field of commercial and industrial cold;
– search of producers of the equipment, components and materials for cold supply, partners in business.

The site is intended for Russian-speaking audience in Russia, CIS and Baltic countries.

Our report “Import of refrigeration equipment in Russia”

The website is an electronic version of the catalog “Refrigeration Industry”. The catalog is issued by publishing house “Business Marketing” since 2005.

Directory is about refrigeration companies in Russia. It is published annually.
You can see electronic version of catalogs for previous years on site (push on picture) to look The catalog is issued in cooperation with the magazine “Kholodilnaya technica”.




Cortina Park Ltd. publishes specialist gastronomic magazines Gastro & Hotel profi revue and AHR Forum. Magazines provide interesting information, interviews, inspiration, trends and news from the domestic and international gastronomic scene. Both journals are B2B titles intended for owners, directors, managers and staff of hotels, guesthouses and restaurants throughout the Czech Republic, hotel schools, spa and professionals.




The characteristic of our readers:

Directors of existing hotels, pensions, accommodation facilities and restaurants in Slovakia (distribution to company addresses)
Owners of existing hotels, pensions, accommodation facilities and restaurants in Slovakia (distribution to home addresses)
Investors of future hotels, pensions, accommodation facilities and restaurants in Slovakia (distribution to company addresses)
Architects of future hotels, pensions, accommodation facilities and restaurants in Slovakia (distribution to company addresses)

Reasons why to advertise in the Hotelier magazine:

a precisely defined target group for the advertiser
interesting content for the reader
zero unsold copy
low price of advertisement




Welcome to our web site focused on gastronomy and bartending. For seven years we have been informing both professionals and general public about events on Czech as well as international gastronomic scene.


Svet Horeca


SVĚT H&G and SVĚT HORECA are titles addressed to the management and personnel working in the sector of gastronomy, hotel and tourism. Our regular subscribers include: HOTELS, RESTAURANTS, PIZZERIAS, PUBLIC HOUSES, SCHOOL CANTEENS, COFFEE SHOPS, WINE BARS, WINE RESTAURANTS, PATISSERIES, DELICATESSEN, CATERING FIRMS, BARS, SPA FACILITIES, SPORTS AND WELLNESS CENTRES, CASINOS AND GAMING ROOMS, TECHNICAL SCHOOLS AND SECTORAL ORGANISATIONS. SVĚT H&G and SVĚT HORECA are distributed in the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic.


Professional Horeca

PROFESIONAL HORECA is the online Spanish trade magazine that provides professional and useful information, ideas and solutions for the restaurant and hospitality industry. Based in Spain, the website is continuously updated with the latest trends in the hospitality industry. is backed by a large Spanish-speaking community and is a perfect platform to introduce any new product in the Spanish Horeca market.


POland Fruits


Poland Fruits associate a magazine and a portal that aim at interconnecting economic entities both in the country and worldwide. It is Poland’s leading trade magazine for the food and beverage industry. It is the first publication of choice for professionals throughout the industry with its editorial coverage on the latest research, innovative technologies, health and nutrition trends, and market reports. It is the Polish platform dedicated to internationalization, focusing chiefly on increasing the presence of local companies and their competitiveness on international markets, promoting Polish offers and food products worldwide and attracting foreign investment on the Polish market. It’s Trade Cooperation Platform is aimed at B2B. The magazine is distributed at all the most important agricultural and food fairs in Poland and abroad.



FRUITNEWS – the first Russian specialized resource for the fresh produce industry professionals. publications cover the market of fruit, vegetables, berries, mushrooms, nuts and processed produce at all stages of growing, production, storage, transportation and sales. FruitNews Information Agency daily provides news on the fresh produce market of Russia and neighboring countries, reports on events impacting fruit and vegetables sector, industry analyses and surveys. It’ s advertisers are able to reach specialized target audience demanding information about goods, services and market players within the fresh produce and related industries. The number of monthly visitors to the website exceeds 100 000 professionals from Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and other countries. 45% of the readers are top managers or business owners, 34% – industry specialists. website allows: Obtaining fresh news and reports on the fruit and vegetables market of Russia and neighboring countries; Ordering market analyses and surveys; Placing advertisings and advertorials.


Food Service Europe


FoodService Europe & Middle East is the top-level international business-to-business communication platform for the professional foodservice sector, catering and hotel chains in Europe and the Middle East – an invaluable source of information about events on the international market.Our mission is to bring transparency into the foodservice markets and provide first-hand management and marketing expertise for the industry. Also, we want to showcase the markets diversity – from Fast Food to Event Catering – and to offer an environment for high-export companies, multinational factures, important suppliers of the industry and international trade fair organizers to present their international activities. FoodService Europe & Middle East is published bi-monthly by Deutscher Fachverlag, one of the largest independent specialized press publishers in Europe, with a circulation of 14,000 copies and a complete e-paper parallel to the print version is published.


Soft Drinks


Soft Drinks International is devoted to the entire global non-alcoholic drinks industry: the creation, manufacture, packaging, distribution and marketing of all still and carbonated soft drinks, fruit juices, sports, energy, functional & milk-based drinks, RTD teas & coffees, and bottled waters. With correspondents reporting from around the world, it has been published for more than 100 years and is received every month in over 100 countries.

Through its unique network of correspondents, SDI reports on global business and product news, ingredients, technologies and industry trends in a concise and reader friendly format. Together with informative sector-specific features and market reports, the journal is a must read for those active in the non-alcoholic beverage industry.

SDI has an unrivalled heritage and reputation within the industry and is the ideal vehicle for promoting your company, products or services. In addition to its global readership, SDI is distributed at leading international trade events.


Top Horeca


TOP HOTELNÍCTVÍ, as well as the Slovak TOP HOTELIERSTVO, map the situation in tourism and is dedicated to the director and manager of hotels, guesthouses, spa, wellness centers, relaxation and recreation facilities, aqua parks and restaurants. It’s published annually and is already 13 years in market.

TOPHORECA.SK / CZ – The web portal maps the latest trends in the field of fever.




Business Intelligence, Market Insights, and Meeting Place for the Coffee Industry

We are an independent business intelligence boutique specializing in the coffee industry, with an international team of professionals, market experts, analysts, and coffee lovers.

We go the extra mile to answer the questions in the concrete market and the business questions of coffee roasters and distributors, coffee machine manufacturers, B2B suppliers and all the main players in the coffee industry.

Our mission is to provide professional coffee players with a comprehensive and innovative point of view with practical and easy-to-consume insights into the coffee industry.


Horeca Romania

Horeca Romania

Horeca Romania is a B2B magazine dedicated to professionals from the hospitality industry (hotels, hostels, restaurants, catering companies, etc.). Published for the first time in 2002, it is one of the most long-lasting magazines dedicated to the niche hospitality sector.

The magazine stands out from the others through its approach. The problems aren’t the main interests in this magazine, but the solutions to them. Professionals in the industry can find the most useful and interesting information in the field, through different headings: Focus, Back Stage, Drink, Food, Design, Technology, HR.

Horeca Romania is edited in the best graphic conditions. The magazine comes out once every 2 months. It is distributed on a subscription basis, at a national level, at the decision makers in the hospitality industry and to the people who works in Horeca industry. It is also addressed to the opinion makers in the hospitality sector: C&C operators, professional associations, training schools, government organizations and line ministries.




TecnAlimentaria is a technical magazine specializing in the technology of the food and beverage industry, as well as all its by-sectors, such as: processing, engineering, filling, packaging, labelling, coding, tracking, logistics, and more.


Corso del Popolo 42

31100 – TREVISO


Tel. +39 0422 549 306

Fax +39 0422 592 736


Info Horeca


Spanish publication oriented to professionals who work in hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes and other groups, including on its pages the most outstanding innovations in hotel facilities and equipment, machinery for restaurant industry, as well as the most current trends in interior design and decoration, interviews with the cutting-edge public figures in this market and in-depth reports., as an online media resource, holds topical news on the hotel industry, restaurant business and catering services and IHNews mailing with the latest industry news.


Horeca International


HORECA INTERNATIONAL is the international magazine for the hospitality industry
Both printed and digital, it’s the leading magazine, by EDITRICE ZEUS, about Ho.Re.Ca., food service, retail, mass distribution channel, hotel industry, food equipment, food products, ingredients, semi-prepared items, furniture, tableware and cutlery. It reaches more than 20.000 readers, hotels, restaurants, catering companies, shops, bakeries, pastry shops, cafes, bars, pubs, ice-cream shops, fast foods, tea shops, cake shops, foodservice companies, chefs, canteens and refectories. It contains news and useful information for the professionals, and it presents to the market the most important companies, suppliers, products and players of the sector.



Jurnalul de Afaceri

Jurnalul de Afaceri is a monthly digital business magazine explaining and presenting the news and updates of the Romanian business community.

Stories about the most important Romanian companies and associations are published in an objective and complex manner.



Informbussines Ltd, Publishing center

Publishing center «Informbusiness» has been working at the Ukrainian market since 1998. We publish the catalogues of suppliers and the specialized magazines for some industries, HoReCa, retailers, agriculture, et cetera. We also have the online marketplace, which provides trading tools for companies.

We have been publishing a special edition for Ukrainian HoReCa market since 1999. It’s a catalogue of suppliers “Trade equipment, equipment for cafe, bars, restaurants, services”. Distribution for Ukrainian professionals is free of charge.

There is also a special part for HoReCa on

Informbussines Ltd, Publishing center

P.O. box 19, Kyiv, 04119, Ukraine

tel. +380 44 489-32-46, 206-52-65, 206-52-81


Logo 1


AGROBIO TECHNIKA is Bulgarian technical magazine, publication by EL MEDIA. It covers news and information about agricultural sector, including machines, equipment, technologies, products, systems, installations and tools, dedicated to farming, livestock and bioenergy. The magazine makes interest of farmers, investors, specialist, engineers, agronomist, veterinaries, as well as trading, design, project management, consulting, engineering, contracting and service companies, specialized laboratories and government and municipality experts.


Business One is the international portal for worldwide Kitchenware Industry. This portal is an active business-to-business website for all Kitchenware suppliers and their products. We bring companies worldwide together and give them opportunities to increase their international business. At the moment, we have 8968 Suppliers from more the 100 countries worldwide registered at The Kitchenware suppliers on our portal are divided in Manufacturers, Exporters, Importers and Distributors. You can contact these companies directly to explore business opportunities. For example, you can find Kitchenware Distributors in Germany, Kitchenware manufacturers in Europe or Kitchenware suppliers of specific Kitchenware world-wide!



Communicative media group D+

Communicative media group D+, the biggest Ukrainian Media group and marketing agency that successfully operate at Ukrainian market since 1993. We release two monthly magazines – “Drinks+” and “CaBaRe/Chic”. The main topics of the magazines are: wines, spirits, gastronomy, traveling, luxury, etc. Magazines are supported online by our website and social groups on Facebook.

The “Drinks+” is an authoritative bilingual magazine (B2B) about wines and beverages, permanent media partner of Consorzio per la Tutela Vin Valpolicella (Italy), Vinexpo (France, China), ProWein/ProWine Asia (Singapore), Brau Beviale, Euroshop, Anuga, Drinktec, Intervitis Interfructa (Germany), London Wine Fair (UK), Alimentaria (Spain, EC), Tea & Coffee World Cup Exhibition (United States, New York, Geneva, Switzerland), SIMEI, Vinitaly (Italy), B2B forums, wine premieres (Tuscany, Sicilia) and wine summits in Austria, Hungary, Germany, as well as a number of leading Asian exhibitions, and Identita Golose gastronomic congress.

Our marketing agency “Marketing Mix” arranges wine tastings in any spot of the world, including wine tastings during the main wine fairs. And provides many other services like: arranging business meeting with potential partners, developing marketing campaigns for the producers that would like to increase their sales/enter the Ukrainian/Western European markets, etc.

Luxury Hospitality

Luxury Hospitality Magazine

Luxury Hospitality Magazine is a leading trade publication within the hospitality industry that is an effective marketing tool for our advertisers. We provide up to date news, event and exhibition details as well as keeping our readers up to date with what is going on within the industry; new openings, new brand launches, design styles plus plenty of relevant information to make Luxury Hospitality Magazine an informative, interesting and useful read.



SOMMELIER / Revue for Hotel and Restaurant

published by Gastropress Ltd. Publishing & Wine Marketing

The literary insight magazine about wine, gastronomy and travel. Our key publics are professionals in these fields – wine producers, merchants, negotiants, wine lovers, connoisseurs; gourmets and gastronomy hedonists;  frequent travelers, hotel managers, travel busines decision makers.

We print the titles since 1991 in represenative high-quality full-color printing, since 2015 are our titles available also online.

More informations at

logo 2

Tochka Prodazh

is a Russian federal business magazine. We cover issues concerning retail, catering industry, trading technologies and a lot more. One of our regular columns is called “Public catering in retail” where we touch upon issues that are essential for HoReCa industry. In every issue there are analytics and expert reviews, independent journalistic surveys and opinions of leading market players. Our audience mainly consists of entrepreneurs, CEOs, COOs, equipment directors and etc. In a year the magazine supports more than 400 industry events including many HoReCa events) and cooperates with more than 10 industry associations and unions of retailers and manufacturers. For example, this year our magazine “Tochka Prodazh” was an info partner of 2017 PIR expo.